Aadhi Bhagavan Movie Songs

Aadhi Bhagavan Movie Songs

Aadhi Bhagavan Movie Songs

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However, her life turns sour when she falls in love with him but he returns to India. His acting was way out of the box. One morning he awakens to find Anna dead. Music videos was done fairly but could have been better.

Ameer's strength is deep and clear screen play. The plot isn't something really novel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Are you sure you wish to delete this playlist? The movie begins with Saradha murder.

His background score was soft and crispy. Add to playlist Add to queue Share Download.

We just sent you a password reset link at. Crazy Credits During end credit the director appears as a cameo in a song.

Gradually he falls out with his boss Mr. Choose devices to download select all. We expected a lot from Ameer. That is the question that drives this movie about things not being as they seem.

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Was this review helpful to you? However, he still has a weakness for good-looking girls. The film declared hit by traders analyst. Karishma saves him, treats his wounds, and saves his life. Editing irritates mostly at the Fight scenes.

Amazing getup and body language by Jeyam Ravi makes a turn in his career. Story is run of the mill and Screenplay fails big time. Many people had high hopes for it to be trend- setter. Finally the main focal point is J.

Yuvan's music was a blast for the film. During a drug deal, Aadhi is being attacked and gets shot.

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The film was recorded at composer A. The naive girl using her charms brings him to Mumbai and then we know that she is Rani Sampada lover of Mumbai's dreaded don, who is on a mission. About the film, the storyline is different and amazing, yet not for everyone. Create a playlist to continue. Tamil English Telugu Hindi Thai.

Rajeev ThaProphecy, Sathyan. Ashwin, a photojournalist, finds out that his classmate and a famous politician, Vasanthan, has links with the Naxalites. Ravi's acting skills and expressions. Synopsis is that Aadhi got trapped to the bhagavan cave, after how aadhi escaped is the remaining story.

He makes several bids to obtain employment but all goes in vain due to his poor language skills and inadequate educational qualifications. Uppu Karuvaadu Steeve Vatz. Verification link has been sent to. Neetu chandra has acted well too. Excellent Cinematography by Devaraj.

First of all i would like to thank Mr. But he disappointed me a lot in this movie. He bumps into Karishma Neetu Chandra a girl in distress, and finally falls in love with her. Seriously Tamil film directors have gone nuts especially the reputed ones.

Avoid this movie if you value your time and money. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Now first to the plot of the movie. Neetu Chandra suited her character well.

Ameerin Aadhi Bhagavan Theatrical Poster. The film ends with Aadhi leaving the place while Bhagavan also moves away from the place, vicky badshah mp3 song which indicates that Bhagavan is alive and the film also hinting for a sequel. How Aadhi takes on them forms the rest of the story. But the politician makes the search very intense and is very keen to find Bhagavan.

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Especially, Bhagavan's performance. Teamwork Production House.

Two weeks before his wedding, a Tamil doctor goes to Moscow for a conference but accidentally becomes involved with drug smuggler Anna. Aadhibagavan will definitely sink at the box office and drift away from the viewer's mind.