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They share room and make a partition of bed sheet. Kammo Nargis lives a wealthy lifestyle with her widowed multi-millionaire dad, Girhdari Lal Gope. Deciding to get married with Kammo, Sagar goes to Bangalore to get advance from his editor, leaving a note, while Kammo is still sleeping.

Chori Chori Download Mp4

Chori Chori Download Mp4

Kammo falls in love with the simple life of villages. She phones her father from a house and asks him to come and take her home. After night's journey full of tiffs the bus stops for passengers to eat snacks. Coming back Sagar sees her motorcade going.

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He thinks she has left her. Both feel let down and dejected. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He buys the auto from Bhagwan from advance money. The first encounter of Kammo and Sagar in the bus starts with a tiff.

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The adventure of journey and facing situations together bonds them and they fall in love with each other. Kammo wanders off and Sagar sees the news of her running and thinks that it will be good story.

On the run, she decides to go by bus to meet Suman. Meanwhile in the morning the Madarilal's wife humiliates Kammo and throws her out as she does not have money to pay.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The comic situation brings them closer. They catch the next bus, in the bus a poet Johnny Walker bores her by reciting his poems at that point Sagar comes to her rescue claiming to be her husband. The film was later entirely remastered and recolourised.

Download Chori Chori Lagu MP3

The editor gives him cheque which takes time to cash. He would like her to get married to someone who is not after their wealth. Kammo thinks that Sagar has abandoned her for story. In the confusion of melee they escape with auto and take a room in Madarilal's Mukri inn with promise to clear rent on check out.

Kammo has come of age and misses Sagar. Seeing her sad Girdhari Lal fixes her marriage with Suman. She misses the bus and Sagar also let it go for his scoop. Midway through the journey the bus breaks down and they take a room in Banwari's David inn where only couples are allowed.

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An auto owner cum driver Bhagwan sees the news of reward and goes with his wife to find Kammo. Gurunath Aruna Guhan Aparna Guhan.

Aneela Ft Arash Chori Chori

They spent night in the open where Bhagwan spots them. Kammo spends all the money to buy toiletries etc.

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When he disapproves, she runs away from ship.