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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. StudioCanal Working Title Films. Music By Dario Marianelli.

Atonement Soundtrack

If any information appears to be missing from this page, contact us and let us know! Looking out of her bedroom window, she spies on her older sister, Cecilia, and the housekeeper's son, Robbie Turner, on whom Briony has a crush. They then proceed to make passionate love in the library when Briony walks in, and thinks that Cecilia is under attack. Savages Treats Les Liaisons Dangereuses. The film is gripping, never letting go of your attention for a minute with a tragic end as only fitting to the film.

Robbie's arrest and imprisonment follow.

Cecilia and Robbie try to pass the incident off. Robbie, who is falling gravely ill from an infected wound, finally arrives at the beaches of Dunkirk, where he waits to be evacuated. The film was produced by StudioCanal and filmed throughout the summer of in Great Britain.

It was produced by StudioCanal and filmed in England. Robbie died of septicaemia at Dunkirk on the morning of the day he was to be evacuated, and Cecilia drowned months later in the Balham tube station bombing during the Blitz.

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The album as a whole will leave you emotionally drained in the best possibly way, never wanting it to end. Marianelli uses it as its own distinctive percussion instrument and did a brilliant job with it.

The last scene shows an imagined, happily reunited Cecilia and Robbie staying in a house by the sea which they had intended to visit once they were reunited. All the exteriors and interiors of the Tallis family home were at Stokesay Court, selected from an old Country Life edition to tie in with the period and pool fountain of the novel. Only after she has gone does he realise he has given her the explicit letter. British Board of Film Classification. She confesses that the scene in the book describing her visit and apology to Cecilia and Robbie was entirely imaginary.

Atonement - Soundtracks - IMDb

She has just completed writing her first play to mark her brother's homecoming and plans to stage it later that day with her visiting cousins. Before dinner, Robbie apologises for the obscene letter, but Cecilia surprises him and confesses her secret love for him. Theatrical release poster. He writes another, more formal letter, and asks Briony to deliver it. Cecilia calms him down, and the couple ask Briony to confess and to have the legal record rectified.

However, she remains silent. She writes to her sister, but Cecilia has not forgiven her for lying in the investigation years before. Afterwards, Briony visits Cecilia to apologise to her directly. Atonement also ranks nd on Empire magazine's list of the greatest movies of all time. Briony hopes to give the two, in fiction, the happiness that she robbed them of in real life.

Atonement Sampler Promotional Release. Atonement is a cinematic masterpiece of emotion, visual beauty and aural pleasure. List of accolades received by Atonement film. She is surprised to find her sister with Robbie, grand theft auto vice city karachi who is in London on leave.

From the first track to the last, this album is a must have. What really set my mind going when first hearing the album was the typewriter. Marianelli not only redeemed himself, but he went over the top of all of my expectations. In England, Briony Tallis is a year-old from a wealthy family.

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It remains an undivided family home. The belief is sustained during police questioning, and the earlier note is seen as corroborative evidence. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Each time the typewriter is heard it moves the music forward in a dynamic way, pushing the music forward with additional key strokes every few measures. She has worked on it from the very beginning of her career.

Atonement (soundtrack)

Robbie drafts a series of notes to Cecilia apologizing for the incident, namely breaking the vase and laughing about it. Atonement Theatrical release poster. Empire Award for Best British Film. Cecilia had gone to the pond to fill a vase, Robbie grabbed one of the handles, and it broke.