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British Academy Television Awards. When Violet is incapacitated, Fred takes over running her shop, with disastrous results. Valerie and Lucille lead health and relationship classes for teen girls at the youth club, but a stern mother complains about the sexual education.

Sister Monica Joan is diagnosed with cataracts and risks losing her sight, but refuses to have an operation until Fred persuades her otherwise. Chummy is busy preparing for the nativity play, which will be performed for the Mayor of Poplar, and all hands are needed to produce the ever growing number of costumes and props needed for the play. She is eventually diagnosed with puerperal psychosis and sent to a mental institution for treatment. The advent of the release of the contraceptive pill causes a dilemma for Sister Julienne, who worries about the moral implications.

When an unwed, diabetic teenage girl finds she is pregnant, she is advised to have a termination due to the potential complications that her diabetes may cause. An expectant mother wishes her husband to be present at the birth, but he refuses. Fred proposes to shopkeeper Violet, while Patsy must conceal her relationship with nurse Delia. While undertaking district nursing work, Jenny befriends Joe, Roy Hudd an elderly former soldier who now lives alone in a run-down, roach-infested flat, in a tenement block which has been condemned.

Valerie helps the mother track down her sister, who had been committed to an asylum. Meanwhile, Dr Turner and Shelagh begin to search for a cause for the birth defects. Phyllis helps a mother who is desperate to escape her violent husband.

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After hearing her evidence, Elsie changes her plea and is sentenced to six years in prison. She hails from an upper-class background and aspires to become a Christian missionary, but finds getting to grips with her new job difficult and Sister Evangelina a harsh critic. They then find a much friendlier facility that offers gardening therapy and place Reggie there instead. Back in Poplar, Jenny assists at the birth of a baby boy who is born with spina bifida. Jenny tends to a Jamaican immigrant who struggles to deal with racial abuse from her neighbours even as she goes into labour, while Cynthia deals with a diabetic pub owner who bullies his wife.

Sister Evangelina and Fred try out a new scooter. Chummy receives a visit from her snobbish, imperious mother which forces her to reconsider her relationship with Peter. The Sisters and midwives carry out many nursing duties across the community.

There is trouble at the maternity home when a mother and daughter who are both pregnant but are estranged from each other find themselves in adjacent beds. Sister Bernadette's health crisis has passed and she will soon be free to leave the sanatorium, but she must now decide whether to return to Nonnatus House or leave the order. In the aftermath of the incident Sister Evangelina asks to temporarily leave Nonnatus House to spend time with an enclosed order. Featured lists Use dmy dates from October Use British English from October Articles containing potentially dated statements from March All articles containing potentially dated statements.

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Meanwhile, Shelagh is forced to return to work as the weather increases pressure on Nonnatus and the practice. Jenny attempts to revive his spirits by helping him attend an upcoming reunion of his old regiment.

Lists of British period drama television series episodes. Meanwhile, Sister Monica Joan undergoes successful cataract surgery but must endure an annoying, talkative roommate in hospital.

Fred and Violet take him in, but realising that his living with them indefinitely would be impractical, must decide whether the best option would be to commit him to a mental institution. The dockers are also kept away from work after one is suspected of having anthrax. Dr Turner tries to help him plead his case in court and later to cope in prison to overcome depression and bullying by other inmates. Barbara agonises over whether to tell Trixie that Tom has invited her to dinner.

Valerie seeks to reassure an unmarried expectant mother that her partner, who is not the father, will be able to love the baby as his own. Jenny speaks to her ex-lover again, while Sister Monica Joan lands herself in trouble with the police. Impressed by the qualities she displays in dealing with the situation, her boyfriend Tom asks her to marry him. In return for his revelation, she reveals to him her own struggles with alcoholism.

Shelagh attempts to find a new purpose in life by reviving the Poplar Choral Society. September Streaming Guide. Delia learns that Patsy's father has died in Hong Kong. Jenny is promoted to the position of nursing sister over the more experienced Trixie, which causes resentment between the pair.

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List of Call the Midwife characters. After delivering a baby in an emergency, Chummy is asked to return to Nonnatus House as a part-time midwife. Phyllis investigates when she realises that an impoverished Irish immigrant woman has lied about where she lives. Audible Download Audio Books. Lucille endeavours to assist a pregnant woman who has developed a phobia of giving birth after an earlier traumatic delivery.

Patsy assists Daisy and her family of itinerant barge-dwellers, who eschew many of the trappings of modern society. Conchita suffers a concussion in a fall, which also triggers premature labour, making Jenny's first delivery a traumatic and difficult one which she must handle alone. Tensions run high during the Cuban missile crisis. Trixie's new sideline as a keep fit instructor brings her into conflict with Sister Julienne, and she also becomes suspicious of the relationship between Barbara and Tom.

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Cynthia wrestles with a calling to become a nun, wordperfect x5 but an encounter with a former mental hospital inmate helps her to make up her mind and she leaves midwifery behind to become a postulant. List of Call the Midwife episodes.

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Trixie's personal problems continue to increase and she is granted a leave of absence for six months. Sister Evangelina finally seeks help for pains which have been troubling her for some time.

Languages Deutsch Edit links. They find comfort in organising a birthday celebration for Sister Monica Joan, but their joy is interrupted by the assassination of U. Trixie has to use all her skill to save the situation, and Thora is left coming to terms with the consequences of concealing secrets. When the hospital's only doctor is herself hospitalised with a life-threatening illness, it falls to Trixie to deliver a baby by Caesarean section. Her mental health issues persist, however, and she is eventually sent to the gentler Northfield Hospital near Birmingham.

Sandford St Martin Trust Awards. Her case inspires Trixie to begin voluntary work at the Women's Advice Centre. An unmarried teenage mother refuses to be forced to give her baby up for adoption, as had happened once before, and Lucille helps her to face an uncertain future and get assistance. When the locum gives bad advice over the phone to Thora, she unwittingly places her daughter's life in danger. Jenny befriends an old soldier named Joe, and is disturbed by his living conditions.

Traumatised at first, she eventually finds the strength to lead the police to the attacker. Meanwhile, Trixie and Cynthia deal with the case of a woman in her forties who is upset at having become pregnant comparatively late in life, even though her husband is delighted at the prospect. Shelagh attempts to take over running the surgery, but is not taken seriously until she dons a nurse's uniform.

Jessica Raine does not appear at all in this episode. Phyllis goes on a date with the gruff policeman Sgt Woolf, with whom she had crossed swords on a number of previous occasions. The staff are planning a jubilee party to mark the anniversary of Sister Evangelina having taken her final vows, but she is opposed to the celebration. There they hold a well-attended oral polio vaccination clinic.