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Hot Chocolate discography Mickie Most. Hot Chocolate formed in Brixton, London, England.

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It wouldn't give Tom Waits a moment's pause, though. New Millennium Funk Party. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

He wrote it in the aftermath of the Spanish civil war, when Spain was suffering its most abject poverty and shortages. Chocolate as an expression of greed. In Errol received the Ivor Novello award. Favorite Artists by GruenerTee.

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It's all about the perfect blend, you see. Guinness Superlatives Ltd. Topics Music Readers recommend. It works on the grumpiest of souls.

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Pop and rock Chocolate features. If any band were suited to singing about chocolate it was the Undertones, acrobat reader 8 professional windows 7 whose first couple of albums are suspended in perpetual adolescence. Hot Chocolate discography.

This section does not cite any sources. It's about sex, of course, but you get the sense Soul Control would be happier with a knee trembler in the car park than the full Cadbury's Flake, silk sheets and all. By the band's line-up had changed again to include Harvey Hinsley and Tony Connor who was also a member of Audience at the time replacing De Allie and King respectively. For the drink, see hot chocolate. The consumption of chocolate, of course, releases endorphins that lift one's mood.

Are You Getting Enough Happiness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But we don't care about that. Detailed Site Map of Links. Brown then began a solo career.

All those releases were on the Rak record label, owned by Most. As Makinavaja explained, Paquito El Chocolatero has the same effect on your mood as a good bar of the brown stuff. It was in the disco era of the mids that Hot Chocolate became a big success.

Let's start with two songs that are, unequivocally, simply dedicated to celebrating our chosen topic. We'll finish off the bar with two songs that might make you feel the downsides of too much chocolate.

What does this song mean to you? From hot chocolate drinks, to cold ones. Specifically, a double chocolate malted milkshake. Hot Chocolate had a hit in in Germany. Guinness World Records Limited.

You Sexy Thing Single Version. You'll Always Be a Friend.

The opening track of his album Set the Twilight Reeling saw him comparing the virtues of different vendors of chocolate egg cream. Summer Sunshine Party Hits. But it's the song's deliberate contrast of the merits of chocolate with vanilla that makes me wonder if she's hymning interracial sex. The problem with all that metaphorical power is that when you come across a song with chocolate in its title, it's rarely actually about chocolate.

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Listen to the YouTube playlist. It was one of the few of their recordings that was not written, at least partly, by Brown.