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Each has a slightly different look and feel and offers varying levels of customization. You can use them on your own risk. Particularly, if you are using a distribution other than Fedora which does not support Flatpak, this may be the easiest available method. Please refer to Fedora Installation Guide for getting help on the process of installing Fedora. You can use it on your own risk.

This is very important, otherwise the written image might get corrupted. Command line methods These methods are considered unsupported. By combining these features, you can carry your computer with you in your pocket, booting it on nearly any system you find yourself using. Like the other direct write methods, it will destroy all data on the stick and does not support any of the advanced features like data persistence, but it is a very reliable method.

Creating and using a live installation image Fedora Docs Site

To create a live image, the livecd-creator tool is used. Because of these limitations, it is advisable to use the system-level persistence sparingly, for configuration changes and important security updates only. It might be listed as a hard drive rather than a removable drive.

Your computer could become unbootable or lose functionality if you change any other settings. These may be installed as standalone full versions of Fedora or as add-ons to existing Fedora installations. Wait for a safe point to reboot.

It can include some basic system configuration items, the package manifest, and a script to be run at the end of the build process. This is the name of the disk you will use. This then gets verified before mounting the real root filesystem.

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If you do not see sdX listed, you might have to reformat the drive. Open a terminal and run dmesg. This is the Workstation product configuration. On Linux, you might have to type the root password. Even if it happens to run and write a stick apparently successfully from some other distribution, the stick may well fail to boot.

On Fedora, camfrog software ensure the packages nautilus and gnome-disk-utility are installed. You can also take advantage of Fedora Labs. Visit Fedora Labs for details. The configuration of the live image is defined by a file called kickstart. You can use dmsetup status live-rw to see how much space remains in the overlay.

You can do this from most file manager or disk utility tools, e. To learn more about this application and how to use it, refer to the Preparing for Installation chapter of the Fedora Installation Guide. Configuring the image The configuration of the live image is defined by a file called kickstart.

This is less reliable than the destructive write methods, and should be used only if you have no stick you can afford to wipe. There are multiple desktops available for use with Fedora. You may use a non-destructive method to create the stick, meaning existing files on the stick will not be destroyed. As the machine starts to reboot, watch carefully for instructions on which key to press. On live images, you can also have a separate area to store user account information and data such as documents and downloaded files, with optional encryption for security and peace of mind.

Creating and using a live installation image

For this, super user privileges are needed. Each hardware manufacturer has a slightly different method for doing so.

The live image can incorporate functionality to verify itself. Unmount all mounted partition from that device. If you miss the window of opportunity, often only a few seconds, then reboot and try again.

These pre-made configuration files can be a great place to start, as they already have some useful pre and post-installation scripts. Here, is the desired size in megabytes of the overlay. Similar graphical direct-write tools may be available for other desktops, or you may use the command-line direct write method. You can perform updates just like a regular installation to your hard disk, except that kernel updates require manual intervention and overlay space may be insufficient. Learn how to contribute to Fedora Docs.

This will cause you to lose all data on the drive. This one is part of the spin-kickstarts package. Visit Fedora Spins for more information. In the isolinux boot loader.

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Live image media verification The live image can incorporate functionality to verify itself. You do not need to know this in order to use Fedora Media Writer. If you are interested in localized i. You can create a customized kickstart file by running system-config-kickstart. These methods are considered unsupported.

Using the Fedora USB Creator from Windows

Creating and using a live installation image

This method is considered unsupported. The base live image system, included in the livecd-tools package.