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Air Wolves Battle in the Sky. You need to keep your eyes and ears well and truly open as the skies are full of enemy aircraft while the ground is dotted with opposing tanks and troops. The controls of your hi-tech ship are extremely sensitive. But be careful not to bash it off too many obstacles - otherwise there could be trouble! These challenges include safely landing, dropping bombs, avoiding missiles, and more.

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You need to display a canny knack of being able to dodge and weave your way around each obstacle course. Each increasingly difficult, obstacle-laden level is a true test of your nerve and skill under pressure. Fly your aeroplane, collect green gems and blue shields, and avoid red bombs. Pit your wits against all sorts of piloting tests, such as take-off, landing, and missile evasion!

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Alpha Bravo Charlie is a challenging helicopter flying game where you play the role of a highly-skilled military pilot in a Apache-style chopper. Try flying around as a winged creature, sundarapandian movie mp3 songs like a flappy bird or even a dragon.

Have you got the nerves of steel required to successfully handle this chopper Captain? You can help make their dreams come true with a penguin cannon and a bunch of helpful obstacles that will bounce them further along their way towards a flight distance record. Use your auto fire, missiles and shield to protect your spaceship against enemy ships and asteroids.

You need to use your expert knowledge of troop deployment, military hardware and air strikes to take out this fearsome and unconventional enemy. This truly is the ultimate test of a bomber pilot - are you up to the task? Flight Simulator C Training.

It will certainly test your creative engineering and multitasking skills, as you have to build structures while carefully maneuvering your helicopter and its cargo in order to succeed. These funds are used to purchase unbelievably-unusual flying aids such as toilet wheels, a toilet-helmet, rocket-style acceleration boosters, and more! In either Mode, use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to maneuver your plane. It's only on the computer, of course, but it's free and totally safe!

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Your strategic decision making comes into play as you have to carefully choose which upgrades to purchase to improve your chances of blasting higher and higher. You can even try out the weapon systems. Of course, this is easier said than done - Supreme concentration and keyboard tapping skills are required if you want to master the delicate flight controls of this fighter plane. Good luck up there Top Gun - We're banking on you to defend our nation!

Dodge and weave your way through obstacle-laden mazes which feature moving objects, spinning saucers, dangerous missiles, and more. This straight-forward helicopter simulation game will really test your hand-eye coordination.

Jake Renegade Freedom Flight. Any income generated from a success is normally wholeheartedly re-invested into the next great attempt to explore unknown territory. Ever wanted to customize your very own home-made rocket, and fly it into outer space? If you ask us, that counts as the next best thing.

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Have you got the piloting skills to take control of one of the most feared and powerful bomber planes of all time? This is a Black Operation - a war that nobody wants to know about. Your strategic planning abilities will also be tested, as you have to decide which part of each mission to complete first. If your plane crashes, or you get hit by a missile, you have to start all over again. Either way, you have to keep progressing your launch capabilities until you can afford the very expensive final upgrade!

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Ready to show off your piloting prowess? However, before you even open the doors the guards spot you! If you are successful, you and your men will be rehired for future missions. There is an enemy indicator at the top right corner of the game screen, so that you would know which side you are being attacked from. Don't have an account yet?

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It is, however, not accessible during combat. We see birds soar through the sky and we want the same for ourselves.

Collect Gold Coins and Diamond Jewels as you go along to purchase upgrades such as extra-power boosters, hull reinforcements, improved engines, increased flight control abilities, and more. Have you got the raw flying talent, and slick piloting skills to complete this difficult flying challenge?

In Free Flight Mode, you simply get to explore the skies in any one of the different planes available in the Hangar where you store your impressive fleet. Let's test your flight skills! Piloting this machine is strictly a job for slick and professional space pilots.

Clear skies and great play ahead. Good luck up there Wing Commander!

You play the role of a general of an elite mercenary force. You must collect batteries and avoid obstacles if you want to carefully guide him all the way home safely. Calling all Top Virtual Pilots. Buy and customize planes by earning credits, which you get by bringing down the enemy planes. You play the role of a super-versatile pilot, and you have the chance to take control of Military aircraft, commercial planes, and the iconic planes of yesteryear.

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You run away and sneak into a hangar where you find an old airplane from a past war. Air Transporter is a challenging helicopter-flying simulation game where you have to transport various different types of cargo air freight using slick piloting skills. Now, here is your perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to team up with and assist a truly unique adventurer - Peter the emperor penguin. Easier said than done when you have such a huge plane to control! Remember, you have to click it every time you are ready for another enemy attack.

Be a flying pig determined not to lose his wings to a cruel butcher in Flying Chops. As you add these to your rocket, each flight brings you closer to completing the game! At the end of each challenging and fast-paced level, you face a boss that you need to defeat.

Flight Simulator Boeing Sim. This challenging arcade-style flying and shooting game is a true test of your steady hands, deft keyboard touch, courage, and your complete concentration. Your ultimate target is to fly high enough, and beyond the atmosphere and multiple obstacles into the depths of outer space!

This very intense, virtual fighter jet flying game requires expert mouse movement and keyboard controls. From easy-to-play to more challenging games. Then log in to see your favorited games here! Naturally, there are also a ton of games where you can fly on the strength of your own feathers, like all the Flappy Bird games and imitators. Keeping focused and concentrated is vitally important as you attempt to keep your plane airborne for as long as possible.