Once again we kept falling on the last move. The moment I touched it, my hand slipped and my heart froze. After a few days of rain, rencontre femme it was time for me to join the gym.


This is a problem I had tried many times on two previous trips without success. If you go to those places, even if it's quiet, you'll come back thinking that Font climbing consists mainly of falling off the same varnished foothold a million times. On Friday, sous rencontre I went to Roche d'Hercule to try out a nice roof. Fun climbing on cool incut holds. Pretty soon I was very glad to be standing on top of an old nemesis.

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As it was our last day to climb we set out with brooms and towels in the hopes we could brush something off to climb. Its basically one hard move where you have to hold a classic font sloper in each hand and then fire up high to another sloper. After many tries figuring out the beta I managed to do it in two separate halves. After our scouting mission we decided to try to put up a few more lines on one of the boulders that didn't need much cleaning. It really captures the magic of the forrest.

As we kept going further and further feeling lost we would show the map in our guidebook to random french hikers we passed and ask them if we were on the right track. Benguala Current - Marine Lab. Are there any must do problems that you shouldn't leave without doing? We started by warming up on some blue circuit problems.

Sure enough my fingers are still hurting a bit, I think I managed to tweak an old injury which should make the rest of the trip interesting. Dark Blue circuit at Gorges du Apremont is good for a day out, with a fair range of problems, and some good harder problems on other circuits on the same boulders. About the level we expected from the Orange Circuit.

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This was going to be my fourth session on it. Jamie considered resting but instead opted to do an Orange Circuit at the Apremont area. Both days were spent at an exciting new area being pioneered by David Bruneau and Lewis Loader. The next move seems quite morpho.

They seemed quite do-able and pretty soon we were linking it nearly to the top. Pied guerre renforcer secteur de. The site rencontre ecologie monalpic and estrobiana Corby inurnates its few. Allons la rencontre du Seigneur.

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The first move consists in reaching for a left-hand sloper which is the key hold. This was the first time I ever quit a project and ended my session this abruptly. Then we moved on to Angle Allain. We got all the moves right it took me more about an hour and a half but sending it was not in the cards.

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October On my way to 8a

  • Dauphin de l'Irrawaddy assis.
  • After first goes where we both got quite near the top we were both confident we would send this one quickly.
  • Second marie rose nice problem.

Fontainbleau must dos

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On the way back out we found an old man with a map who very kindly showed us the way we should have been going in the first place. My best attempt was when I managed to get all points off the ground, though any movement from that position was far from an option. It was still early so we then went and played Memory, Clue and Barbies.

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  1. After a quick brush of the top we started working the bottom moves.
  2. Lewis and Brunes had already put up two lines.
  3. Franois Hollande a rencontre lundi l'ancien prsident cubain Fidel.
  4. If that one doesn't hold, you switch to a different boulder.
VIDEO The Font Diary December 2013

Despite getting up and slapping towards the top jug I didn't manage to top out and on my last go I had to hop down because I felt like the shallow right hand two finger pocket was hurting my fingers. According to the topo and curiously enough, there was nothing opened. It only took me five tries and got me all pumped up for the next project. The adhesion was brilliant and I got optimistic.

We'd almost given up when Jamie managed to pull if off and finish the climb after what was much more of a struggle than either of us had anticipated. The tricky part is the dyno out of the roof. Now that I have joined the gym, site I will give it my all.

Bruneau and Lewis, however, went to check it out and found that crawling through a hole to the back of the boulder put you in a really cool cave setting with some very appealing lines. Orange circuits are easier than blue but with polished font footholds they can still be quite tricky. Big Jim climbs up a big impressive face on two finger pockets. Eventually we gave up and turned around.

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Given that the intended right toe hook was out of my reach, I tried a straightforward approach. In that month I managed to get in two days of bouldering outside, which given the time of year is actually pretty decent. Impressively Bruneau and Lewis were both managing to make progress towards the lip of the boulder and are confident with time they can complete the problem.

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High enough to be scary despite the easy moves. After our very fun day at Bas Cuvier we decided to focus on a more challenging goal. There are at least seven distinct problems on that roof and I just needed to get a bite of all that.

At the laundromat washing my stinky climbing trip clothes. Topos Description Photos Access. Every single team member had sent it except me. Miracles can happen after all.


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A chronicle of my evolution as a climber towards my first 8A/8a

Also i forget where it is find it through Bleau. After an hour and a half, I sent it! Then it was time for home and early bed as Jamie needed to be dropped at the Fontainebleau train station at am the next morning to make it to Paris for his flight. Having beers and hot wine at the top.

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It must be how Hades used to punish naughty climbers. The cave is formed by several boulders leaning agaisnt each other to give the feeling of almost being indoors. You are holding huge jugs at all times but the foot placement is simply ugly. Everything was wet so we found a tunnel to work on.

Jamie did some internet research and found a problem he wanted to do at Petit Bois. First try, I dynoed too hard and went beyond the hold! Tomorrow I'm back at the gym doing pull-ups with added weight. The roof was wet again so I decided to explore the adjacent boulders. Bas Cuvier has some great problems, but is terribly over-used so it is busy and polished.

John's today just before a much hyped snow storm really took force. We hadn't even brought our stuff because we really didn't expect it to be climbable so we excitedly went back to the car and got our gear. There are two possible sequences for this climb.

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