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Yes, I actually hit the Jack-Pot but dumb me did not send the ticket in. If you continue using the site we'll assume that you are happy with it.

The best winning system we ever tested was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Google lucky days and give the free report a go. Marketers as Ken Silver are fooling people everday and laughing all the way to the bank while you get stuck with a bogus lottery system. Every legit review sites warns you to stay clear of this guy, never give him your credit card info.

The thing about polls is they do not lie! Post a link to this article on your website to let others know the truth! Social Connections Facebook Twitter Flickr. This is to everyone who claim that they have the secrets for you to make money. Why was I going to spend money on software that I already had decided was worthless?

This system to me is to help you get and Idea in how to win the lottery and hit the Jack-Pot. He was investigated by a person who he ripped off and found that everything about this guy was fake. Part of me wanted to sit on the website and see if it would discount even further.


Where do you think Ken Silver gets all of his material to sell to you? The Silver Lotto System is a lottery wheel system, which is not a new invention, and which was not created by Ken Silver. Did this mean that the silver lotto system was winning lottery games and making people rich? He is very shady, he is not a lottery expert and his system by the way is nothing special, there are much better legit systems for half what he charges.

Silver Lotto System Review Real Truth Exposed

So is Silver Lotto a Scam? Also all good review on the system are lies!

Silver Lotto System Exposed A Colorful Trap

Silver Lotto System Busted Lottery News

Silver Lotto System Review

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Ken Silver organizes a group of people to invest amounts of money into a larger wheel system that is meant to go after the Jackpot lotto prizes. Hi I'm Ken, If your a dumb ass and are too stupid to realize this is a scam. It is possible that the company has changed hands or something since then, and the customer care has suffered, but I used to email Ken and get replies just as anyone would expect. My winnings far exceeded the cost of the program.

How long has this Ken Silver been selling these systems? Today was one of those days.

Sorting through all the information presented was challenging. Many customers report never receiving their eBook after paying for it.

But I will guarantee people like you will make me filthy rich. He says it uses some form of algorithms that show patterns to help pick winning numbers. Would you mind rating Silver Lotto System? Your email address will not be published. Even click bank booted him out as there were tons of complaints against him.

All written by Ken Silver or affiliates selling the bogus system. We have tested many lottery systems, most turn out just like the silver lotto test, pyramid solitaire saga game they win nothing.

Roll over stars and click to rate. Mostly just made up garbage to mislead you, you win nothing and could not get a refund as guaranteed, again just a crock! Here is something you can do to help rid the Internet of these useless fake lottery systems such as Silver Lotto. If you email Ken Silver in regards to his personal money back guarantee, customers report that they get no response whatsoever, much less any info on getting their refund.

Which lottery systems are winning lottery games? Ken Silver if that is even his real name has been involved in scamming people years back.

It was almost tempting to click okay just to see what happened and then I had a reality check. Just so you have a balanced feedback here. Lotto Logic Lotto Strategies plus proven lotto Tips that win the lottery.

It uses some form of algorithms that shows patterns to help pick winning numbers. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on Lotto Exposed. Click here to cancel reply. Would you like to add your review for.

All legit lottery review sites also give these two systems two thumbs up! Check out the review sites all the reputable review sites warn you to stay clear of this seller and his silver lotto system. If you're at OpportunityChecker. From the Internet of course. The Silver Lotto System is pure nonsense and does not win the lottery as claimed.

The site is a mess of different fonts, underlining, colors and graphics that pull a persons attention all over the place. The name Ken Silver rang a bell with one of our team members, and after some digging in his files, he came up with another lotto software called Honest Lottery System marketed by the same guy.