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Sonu Nigam & Alka Yagnik - Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Lyrics

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Rameez asks him if he can stay with Haya for sometime in the hospital as he has to go back home. Tathaastu - Official Trailer. He says no he just wants her to leave and live with her husband. Haya accepts the proposal. Hadi goes to Haya's room and starts talking to her about their past and how they used to be some time ago.

He takes her to the hospital. Her Tayee Hadi's mother asks her that if she wants she can stop her marriage.

Haya runs out of her apartment while Rameez is chasing her when Hadi clashes with Haya and takes her to his house. Unfortunately Hadi sees them but allows them to talk upon Rameez's request. Kiski Sarkar - Official Trailer.

He asks her to make lunch and breakfast for him. They start laughing and as the soundtrack plays the series ends with Hadi and Haya hand in hand showing that how true love can never fail. This Kendall Jenner look alike is a pageant star.

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Mumbai Dabbawalas celebrate Labour Day. He says that it's not about him and Fareesa it's about Haya and Rameez. Deepika Singh on her sense of style. Haya's and Rameez's marriage take place. She says that Hadi know better than her about Haya, and requests him to ask her to leave, it will be better for her and as well as you.

Miss Universe Costa Rica gets engaged. Does this Kathakali painting follow you? Haya's father and Haya's Taya Hadi's father asks him various questions and at last he decides that Rameez is the man for Haya. So, videos movie maker she starts to ignore him. Famously Filmfare - Official Trailer.

Can you guess the cost of Deepika Padukone's outfit? Haya is really depressed as Fareesa came to her house and said that she will never let Haya steal her husband.

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All the family members arrive at the hospital and they start praying for Haya's health. Unveiling Miss India Telangana finalists. Hadi leaves the party and goes to his room. He and Fareesa accidentally meet in the mall and their friendship rekindles. Later Hadi tracks her and sees her with saim in a public park.

Uroosa is shocked and so is Hadi. He grabs her firmly and says that she is impure and she was a treacherous wife and pushes her with a great force and she falls on the floor. Rameez is horrified and locks himself in the room.

Sonu Nigam & Alka Yagnik - Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Lyrics

When he reaches back at his home he is ecstatic to see the house's dining room decorated and everyone standing there waiting for him to cut the cake. All Bombay Times print stories are available on. The right kind of clock for your home. When Haadi announces his desire to marry Uroosa, Haya is left in shock and anger. Hey Prabhu - Official Trailer.

Haya asks him if her Tayee said something regarding her to him. Haya suddenly wakes up and sees Rameez in front of her. Fareesa is given the job of looking after the baby.

She wants to get rid of Haya as she believes that Hadi will fall in love with Haya. Hadi is satisfied and promises Haya for a more happy and peaceful life ahead and they decide marry and to live happy life with Saadi Uroosa and Hadi's son. Here, she works as a teacher.


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We serve personalized stories based on the selected city. Hadi in a fit of rage slaps Fareesa. City cyclists go on an early morning fitness ride.

Janhvi Kapoor caught adjusting her revealing top. Miss India Telangana registrations.

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