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We went to the farm to harvest guyabano, jackfruit, mango, durian, banana, starfruit, star apple, and many, many more fruits. Part B is repeat You just have to repeat the sentences you heard the voice say. My failure to pass the exam resulted to non-selection for leadership training.

What is Versant

Tests purchased are valid for one time use only. The changes proposed by the different reviewers were then reconciled, and the original items were edited accordingly. Automatically scores responses to tasks including completing sentences, summarizing passages and expressing opinions, typing, and writing emails. Lower recruiting and hiring costs. Sentence Mastery, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Pronunciation.

Versant for English (Versant)

Lexical and stylistic patterns of these actual conversations were used to develop all items. Hi there, for all time i used to check weblog posts here in the early hours in the daylight, because i like to gain knowledge of more and more. Popular Posts Within a Month. Click here to download a copy of this guide.

Versant for English (Versant)

Versant will read you a short story around sentences. These brands trust Versant for their recruiting and placement programs.

Versant for English (Versant)

If the test is purchased outside of U. Of course the answer is basket. Tests can be administered either over the telephone or on a computer. The test taker then has the opportunity to read both sides of the test paper and ask questions before the test begins. Moreover, you can always have a pen and paper handy to help you remember the information that you heard.

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Article originally appeared in alphalava. Once the test is completed, test administrators will gain immediate access to scores in ScoreKeeper. Streamline your recruiting and screening processes by interviewing only those candidates with sufficient language skills. You will be instructed to read sentences included in the piece of paper given to you at the start of the test. Meanwhile, stuttering and fillers will make the line stagger which is not in the normal pattern of speech which is smooth.

Everything is recorded so your response can be listened to by the recruiter especially if there are only a few people applying for that job. We will update you as soon as the item is back in our stock.

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How bad do you want this job? It is an excellent blog, I have ever seen. As a matter of fact, I did not find it difficult at all. The three Open Questions are not scored, and the first item on each of the other four sections of this test is not scored. Concentrix to Acquire Convergys.

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Even the recruiters know the loopholes of Versant, but it seems their eyes are closed to these loopholes and inadequacies. If the statement is a question, repeat it like a question. Unfortunately, it requires more time and money, which not all call centers are willing to spend. And then in your own words, retell the story. Test items are presented in various native-speaker voices that are distinct from the examiner's voice.

During the test, test-takers are asked a variety of question types that may measure their speaking, listening, reading, or writing skills. Wow, this is really interesting reading. Versant has six parts Part A to F.

What is Versant

Versant for English (Versant)

Before the Test Test administrators gain access to Versant test credits in their ScoreKeeper test management account. Features Versant automated tests can quickly, objectively and accurately evaluate the language skills of candidates for employment or students for course placement. To buy Versant tests not listed below, please email orders pearsonkt. If you think you need more improvement on your accent, mobile software sites for android check my tips on how to improve your English accent here. Versant with Ordinate technology evaluates the ability of non-native English speakers to understand spoken English and to express themselves clearly and appropriately in English.

The instructions for each section are spoken by an examiner's voice and are also displayed on the computer screen. The item bank contains thousands of items. Extensively field trialed and validated with reference to the most qualified human evaluators of language proficiency.

Conversation samples were balanced by geography and gender and represented every major dialect of American English. Test administrators can download score reports for individuals and groups, as well as give test-takers access to their personalized reports. The test paper is a single sheet of paper with material printed on both sides. It all boils down to that.

In a world of constant distractions, managing time has become an even greater challenge. By continuing, you're agreeing to use of cookies. That is really nice to hear.

Everywhere I apply, companies always prefer applicants with working experience. Telephone administration is supported by a test paper.

Tests are scored automatically using patented computer scoring algorithms. Instructions for the test are spoken over the testing system in an examiner voice and are also presented verbatim on the printed test paper. This is your initial chance to show your future employer that you are dedicated, excited, smart and willing to work hard if given the opportunity to work for their company.

Versant Spoken Language Tests

Test Taker's Journey Set up your testing session and download test codes Enter your Test Identification Number Listen to and respond to test questions Check your score! But of course it is better if you answer it truthfully and correctly.